Sales and Newsletter Writing Sample Gallery

This is only a small portion of the type of sales, newsletter, and short announcements I’ve written over the past eight years. I can write them for your site, blog or email.

Dr. Lakeland Dentist - Kim Boyett, D.S.D. Web Copy - Products&Services-PetStores1 Products&Services-21stCentury2 Products&Services-21stCentury1 Products&Services-CalSurance2-blog sample Products&Services-CalSurance3 Products&Services Newsetter -TistheSeason1 Products&Services Newsletter -ZinBistro2 Products&Services Newsetter - zinbistro3 JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - Everest1 JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - Everest2 JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - Everest3 JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - Everest4 JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - Obamacare JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - PetStore1 JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - PetStore2 JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - TisTheSeason1b JulieAnne-U.S.WriterforHire - ZinBistro lifeandhealth insurance5 insurance-4 Insurance and Medicare dental1

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