Rags to Riches and Fame — 3 Men and 3 Women Who Had it Bad at One Time

There’s nothing like a good rags to riches story to help inspire people not to give up. If you think you have it bad, remember some of the most famous people in the world also did at one time or another. Perseverance pays in the end — maybe more for some people than it does for others, but it does pay. As far as the trials each one of these persons experienced, some of them came from a poor family. However, others might have had tough relationship battles and suffered childhood or adulthood abuse.

3 famous men and 3 famous women who had it rough in life at one time

These men and women experienced hard times before they received t heir big break. They worked hard and enjoyed what they do. They may not even have set out to get rich, but their passion shined, and it made them a huge profit.

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