A Collection of Website Copy and Business Writing Samples

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Click here to view website copy writing samples.

Business Topics I Cover: 1. Products 2. Services 3. Social media 4. Blogging 5. Website hosting 6. Marketing —

The master slide you see to the left (or the bottom on single post view) shows you a vast selection of website page copy, sales text and product description samples. Also, go here to view “home page,” “about us” and “our services” content samples. >>

You can also browse the other sections of my site to view full-sized images if you cannot read the text you see below. Also go view my e-commmerce samples site >>. There, you will see more of my demo product and service descriptions.

About the intro video inserted in slide — press the “>” key on your keyboard to go forward through slides without watching it. You can also press or touch “<” to go back. 

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